"It is unfortunate but I will have to be taking a break for a little while, it seems my health isn’t the best quite yet, I apologize."

[[ ….III muse is being a little stubborn with me, I don’t quite understand how to put him in certain situations yet, so I will be giving him a little break, I meant to write this sooner but I just kept putting it off. 


-iii mun


{ Just a little tired }

There’s nothing to worry about, you’ll be alright, you knew this would occur. Reoccurring thoughts ran through this young boys head. Restless, ever so restless he had become, nightmares one after the other never getting a wink of sleep. Too weak to call out for a single name, III felt so helpless, so handicapped. “I suppose this was my fate from the start” Even in these conditions, a sincere smile was still able to grace his pale lips, a smile that brightened it greatly. There were rings under his eyes, he looked to be in a terrible state, and he was indeed slowly hanging onto that string of his life as he tried recuperating.  He was all alone today no one was around, he felt rather alone, he tried to sit up but to no avail, he had no strength in his body to so much as even stretch his hand. He wondered what everyone was doing, if they were alright. He longed to be standing on two feet again soon, he wanted to be by his brothers sides, this frustrated him, causing some tears to flow you couldn’t blame him though. He managed to chuckle. “I’m so pitiful, here I was wanting to protect my brothers and I can’t even protect myself, how foolish”

n-now i want to write something bc of that ask on III’s current state.

Anonymous asked: “ Were you planning on participating in the duel carnival? ”

"Ahh….yes, I was indeed, it is unfortunate but I seem to have suffered a casualty, therefore I am not able to attend, I’m hoping that my big brothers are enjoying themselves despite that not being the purpose of them participating" a weak chuckle escaped him. “i’ve always wanted to go to a carnival though”


onigiri-hammy asked: “ /continues looking around and tries to crawl over to your other shoulder/ ”

III noticed the little creature trying to make her way to the other side of his shoulder, he helped her reach the other side not wanting her to fall, it was almost like a reflex really.

" I could really go for a cup of tea right now…hm I haven’t been to any tea shops lately, perhaps we can visit one on our little stroll~"


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Anonymous asked: “ Your fucking great, Your III is like everything I would want in a tumblr RP III. Your like spot on incharacter, and I find your Rp's great. ”



how do I…

Th-thank you very much, I’m very glad that you enjoy my portrayal of III!